5 Winter Survival Tips for Your Inner Island Girl

The beautiful, humid, green, lush summer is fading away, and no matter how desperately you grasp at it, it slips through your mitten-covered fingers...

Does this mean you have to pack away your shorts, sarongs and flip-flops? Well, perhaps, unless you love that tingly frostbite feeling. But there are other ways for a Canadian Girl to live her inner Island Girl through our long, cold winter...

1. Sarong as Scarf –
Don’t pack away your sarong until the next heatwave... use it in place of your regular winter scarf. This is what I did all winter last year, and it was definitely warmer and softer than anything I’d ever used as a scarf. Sarongs that you would use around your waist are large and can be folded many times over for warmth. And it can be used over the head for added protection from –56 windchills!Of course, the beautiful lively flowery patterns on your sarong will remind you and all who see you of the warmth of summer and the Islands.

2. Tickle Your Nose with a Tropical Scent –
The fashion magazines may tell you to pick up the latest heavy and spicy scent for the fall/winter season, but will that really remind you of the tropics? Probably not.

Pick up a fresh and fruity perfume or get a nice essential oil. Scented lotions, creams and body washes come in all sorts of frangrances. Some notable fragrance notes are: ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange, lemon, mandarin, lotus, orchid, pikaki, hibiscus, water lily and coconut.

3. Little Sparkly Jewels –
Real or costume, jewel options are limitless. If you’re interested in real gold, Hawaiian Jewelry & Accessories are beautifully ornate, unique and unmistakable, and they come in rings, bangles, bracelets, anklets, and necklace pendants.
In costume jewelry, I recommend a carved wood plumeria pendant choker.

4. Hidden Treasures –
Who says that anyone else needs to know about your Inner Island Girl? Enjoy fun patterned panties and teddies at home or under your clothes. Imagine sitting in a business meeting looking out the window at the snow-covered ground knowing you have a reminder of the warm islands against your skin.

5. Aloha Fridays! –
Forget about Casual Fridays! In Hawai’i, every Friday is Aloha Friday, and instead of wearing regular casualwear (which most Hawaiians wear every day already), they wear their favourite aloha shirts and muu-muus to celebrate their unique culture! So, this Friday, pull out your favourite aloha shirt, put on your hair flower (right side if you’re available, left side if your heart has been claimed), and enjoy the warmth of Aloha.

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Anonymous said...

I've followed your suggestion about using my sarong as a scarf and I've gotten compliments on it already. One of my classmates even calls me "Coconut Island girl" due to the fact that I love the scent of coconut and I wear my sarong as a scarf.

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